Our Services

DP Personnel Services has delivered qualified staffing services for their clients since incorporating in 1999. DP Personnel, otherwise known as DP, is locally owned, which gives a leading edge on reducing expenditures without sacrificing first rate services. Our office is located in the developing city of Cookeville, Tennessee.


DP Personnel's primary focus is providing skilled personnel while customizing staffing services according to the client's needs. This staffing agency interviews applicants through a process which involves several interviews, skill evaluations, and reference/background checks along with a drug screen. Our employees are covered with worker's compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and all additional payroll services including federal withholding, reporting, ect.

The Market

DP Personnel has successfully placed over 5000 workers since 1999 and has had over 20 million in sales. This successful staffing agency works for a wide array of clients. DP fills a range of job placements in the automotive manufacturing facilities, regional urgent quality control, warehouses, restaurants, construction, electrician support, as well as office administrative sites. Although our main focus has been in manufacturing facilities and quality support, DP can accommodate various occupational fields including temporary work orders.


DP Personnel Services is competitive in the staffing industry, which is proven by its longevity and quality of service. While other staffing agencies have opened in the Cookeville area since 1999, DP Personnel stands apart from the other agencies due to being locally owned and operated. DP's services are unmatched due to the relationships with our employees as well as our customers. Another important element to DP's success is our established name and competitive rates.